Winter Weather

January 15, 2024

Let’s stop and collaborate about a hazard many of us face in the winter: ice.

A whopping 24% of all vehicle accidents happen in winter weather (snow, freezing rain, sleet, and frozen ice). It affects homes and other pieces of property as well.

But ice doesn’t come back with a brand new invention. It affects us in predictable ways that we can prepare for, helping us stay safe.

Check out these stone-cold beats of wisdom:

  • 32—The most dangerous number on your thermometer. Roads can freeze while you drive, so keep an eye on the temperature and drive cautiously.
  • Walk This Way—Ice can hide on sidewalks and walkways, leading to injury to yourself or your guests.
  • Heavy Limbs—Ice on trees can cause branches to fall or even the whole tree. Trim back overhanging branches and avoid roof or electrical damage.

Treating ice seriously can be difficult, but it can help you stay safe and sound whether you are snug as a bug or out and about. And if you have a problem, hey, I’ll solve it.

As long as it has something to do with your insurance.

Stay warm!